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Don’t Play Dumb Ms Palin

If there’s one thing Sarah Palin knows its how to milk any sort of mention of her name in the national media.  Evita, as I like to call her, was apparently appalled at the comments made by Letterman in his monologue referring to her daughter.  And rather than letting it drop, she pointed out the comments that she claims were aimed at her fourteen year old daughter, to the world just in case they missed it.  The comments were not aimed at her 14 year old but towards her older daughter, you know, the 18 year old unwed mother.  Her 18 year old has been fodder for late night comedians since last November.  In her statement, she pretends to not understand this and thrusts her poor 14 year old into the national spotlight (I believe the woman likes to use her children for her personal gain) stating that Letterman’s comments were aimed at the 14 year old.  Disingenuous?  Yes, but it worked in keeping her name in the press for one more day.  I guess she was so disappointed she didn’t get the key speaker gig at the annual Senate-House Republican dinner at the Washington Convention Center on Monday and had to keep her name in the press some way or another.  Anyway, I was thrilled by David Letterman’s direct and honest response to her facetious distress.  Take a look:

The audio is a bit low and as soon as I find a better version of it I will post it.


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