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I love New York

What a cliche! But its true and I couldn’t find a better way of expressing my three day adventure into another realm.  I spent three days in museums (2 at the Met and 1 at the Frick – although, really the Frick only took a couple of hours – its a small collection but a great one).  I also was privileged to see a wonderful piece of theater – Waiting for Godot with Nathan Lane, Bill Irwin, John Goodman and John Glover.   And I got to visit the old neighborhood – Jackson Heights!  I will go into further details in future posts.  I just want to share a quick painting whose composition made me laugh.  Its the Ascension of Christ by Hans Suess von Kulmbach at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  My photo isn’t as nice as the one at the link.  Take a look.


















The fact that all we see of Christ are his feet as he ascends struck me as odd.  Frankly, it made me guffaw (I’m not sure if guffawing is acceptable behavior in the European Painting section of the Met, but guffaw I did).  The angle that the onlookers get on the whole Ascension adds even a bit more humor to the dangling feet above them.  Its such a claustrophobic compositon of something that is usually portrayed in a grandiose manner.  And then I discovered that this painter was an apprentice of Durer’s and Durer had a similar composition in a woodcut.  Click here.  The fact that Durer had composed this image first gave it a little more “respectability” I suppose (to be fair, Durer’s was a woodcut and the composition works a little better within the constrictions of that medium) but it still makes me laugh.  It has a rather Monty Pythonish feel about the whole thing, don’t you think? 

I promise to update soon with more “insightful” posts about what I saw in the big city.   I know you (whoever “you” are who reads this) can hardly wait.

And by the way – you’ll notice the dearth of Harry Potterish things strewn about the blog.  In order not to ruin the movie for myself and others I have put a blog moratorium on all things Half Blood Prince – it was getting so I was beginning to feel I had seen about half of the film from trailers and stills and posters and interviews and what-nots.  I am really looking forward to seeing it this week though and will of course update here eventually.


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