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I wish I was standing in the dark….

If I could choose to be in one place in the whole world to be tomorrow, I would not be in Argentina/Uruguay visiting my family, I would not be in London, Paris or Madrid standing in awe of masterpieces of ages gone by in one of the great museums, I wouldn’t even wish to be in Egypt in front of the pyramids or at the Valley of the Kings.  I would only want to be dropped down by this wish- granting force in the path of the 21st century’s longest eclipse – perhaps on a ship  in the middle of the Pacific where the eclipse is at its longest.  Tomorrow’s eclipse is over 6 minutes long.  I once traveled to India for 20 seconds, yes, you read that right, 20 seconds of totality.  Basically, I traveled half way round the world to stand in the dark for a few seconds.  Oh but what a wonderful 20 seconds it was and all the fantastic events that led up to and then continued after those 20 seconds.  Alright, I’m making myself sad just thinking about having to miss this eclipse.  If you are in India somewhere tonight (best viewing on land is supposedly in India), I wish you clear skies tomorrow.   Enjoy!

Here’s a little something to cheer us non-eclipse travelers (and to further seal the fact that I am a geek just in case someone hadn’t quite caught on).   The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is set to open in Spring of 2010 (hear that Ms. Sugarandspicetees and Eldest Daughter of Sugarandspicetees – you’d better start getting ready!).

Here are links:  Wizarding World of Harry Potter

And the Leaky story about it:  Leaky Cauldron (with video links)

All in all, I still would rather be in India tomorrow….

Fantasy is one thing, bit astronomical events such as this are truly magic.  Here’s a link to my previous post on eclipses (if you’re interested):  La Sombra de la Luna

(Wow – I just tried putting a link in to the NASA site but its overloaded – I’m happy to see the interest)


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