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From the Eels website:  7/21/2009- EELS ON JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE:
EELS will appear on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live this Friday night, July 24th at midnight (Eastern/Pacific).

This is really more of a reminder for me.  I tend to forget things these days.  Truth be told, I’ve often been rather “absentminded.”  I remember being 23 and telling myself “remember this moment, so that when you’re old, you won’t think you’re losing your mind when you do stuff like this.”   I had been looking for a pencil for a good ten to fifteen minutes when I suddenly realized it was behind my ear.

Speaking of ears, guess what I get tomorrow?  Oh, go ahead, guess.  Its something that everyone around me has been begging me to get for a few years now.   I’m getting hearing aids.  Not just one, but two!  I’ve been losing my hearing for about five or six years now.  Possibly more.  It sort of creeps up on you (but since you can’t hear it, you don’t realize its creeping).  I didn’t realize the extent of my hearing loss until I put in the trial hearing aids.  Amazing what I’ve been missing.  Its a similar experience to putting on glasses for the first time and realizing there are leaves on the trees that before had been just a mass of green.

While I can be classified as a baby boomer (I know, you’re shocked, I write so young, huh?), I am considered young for the amount of hearing loss I’ve had (I have a doctor’s note to prove it).  I am chalking it up to being a poor immigrant child.  When I got to this country, unimmunized, I contracted most of the prevalent childhood diseases of the time – mumps, german measles, regular measles, chickenpox, whooping cough and scarletina (a milder form of scarlet fever) to name a few.  It is to the bout of scarletina from which I have decided the hearing loss stems.  It was also most likely helped along by a few of the concerts I attended in the 70’s – you know, the ones where you exited the arena completely deaf and had ringing in your ears for a couple of days (or maybe that was just me).

Anyway, I’ll hopefully be listening to the Eels on Friday night with my brand new ears (they’re really cool hearing aids – kind of makes me feel like a Borg).


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