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Oh, and don’t go see G-Force

What I had originally meant to write about today was my movie outing with my 6 year old nephew rather than racial inequity and the fact that Cambridge police officers don’t watch PBS.  So here is a short review of G-Force.  Don’t waste your money.  If you have a small child, say under the age of 10, you probably will have to go see it but trust me you will not enjoy it.  This is from me of the juvenile sense of humor (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, love my 3 Stooges) and Disney (that’s right, damn it, I love Pinocchio and I don’t care who knows!).  When my nephew and I went to see UP!  and saw the previews for this movie he was excited about seeing it and it didn’t look all that bad to me so I promised we would go.  How bad could a movie about talking rodents be, right?   Trust me, its boring, the plot is overly convoluted and I’m ashamed to say this but it needed more poop jokes and slapstick.  It was too thought out and had no joy to it at all.  I was spent my time at the movie trying to keep from dozing, seeing how far I could extend my feet over the railing in front of me and realizing there was no laughter coming from the little seat next to me  – altho’ he swears he loved the movie and will get it  dvd when it comes out if given the chance.  I was just sad that I had paid full price admission to sit through it and glad to get out of there.


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