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Snape is not cut out for office work…

I was told we had a new hire in the office.  As I typed away, I had the oddest sensation of my senses being ensnared and my concentration penetrated…blog snape overshoulder The new guy, er …Professor, he says he wants to be called, Professor … did not really mesh well with the rest of the office.  He complained bitterly about our kitchen muttering something about “muggles” and our use of “bizarre contraptions.” blog snape kitchen

He brought our copy clerk to tears, yelling at her repeatedly “Page 394! Your copier has eaten my Page 394!” blog snape copier

The whole office was cowering when he discovered someone had “pilfered” from his personal stores (i.e., the Prof’s  sandwich had been taken from the fridge and he was in a tizzy, threatening the culprit with poisoned pumpkin juice??? blog snape fridge

After that he went back to ranting and raving in the copyroom about his missing Page 394…blog snape 394

Needless to say, Prof. Snape was canned before the end of the day for cursing …

Too bad.  We’ll miss him.  He was kind of cute.  Personally, I’ll miss the cape swishing down the hall.

(I was most pleasantly surprised by receiving my own full-sized cut-out of Snape – THANK YOU LR RL!!!!!)


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2 thoughts on “Snape is not cut out for office work…

  1. LOL

    That’s hilarious. If Snape really did work with you, I’d apply as a volunteer 😛

  2. What Elisabeth said. 🙂

    Great idea!

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