A MoonShadow MoonShadow

Purse Essentials

My two year old niece sits in her car seat going through the contents of her little purse.  I drive on as she tells me “Tia, I have a boy”  I respond that’s good!  Then she tells me  “Tia I have two boy” – and I look in the rear view mirror and indeed she does have a Fischer Price 1970s boy figurine and a 1970s Fischer Price prince figurine n her hands.  And I say hey, that’s great R.  And I keep driving and then she says “Tia, I have ninja” and I say …what?  She says “I have ninja” and at the next red light I look back at her proudly displaying her G.I. Joe black ninja action figure.  She says “ninja” once again with a big smile on her face and I smile – that’s my girl.  Always pack a ninja in your purse, you never know what you’re going to encounter out there.   I know she is going to be a well rounded girl.  She insists on taking her little pink purse with her but she’s carrying ninjas in there just in case.


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