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Wizards Posing

Alan Rickman and Sir Ian McKellen attended an after-party for Alan Cummings’ one man show’s  press night (“I Bought A Blue Car Today”).  The Cummings’ show sounds fantastic and if I could get to it (London is a bit beyond my reach at the moment) I’d go. See review here.   I read somewhere that Sir Ian’s uncle was the headmaster at the school that Mr. Rickman attended as a boy…. Was that a yawn you’re stifling – are you trying to tell me you’re bored with my little tidbits of information ???  Fine – feast your eyes on photos instead.

wizards posing

wizards posing

I love the look on Ian McKellen’s face (and the smirk on Alan Rickman’s).  There’s more pictures on the site you’ll go to if you click on the photo (look around a bit, they’re the 9/02/09 photos).  There’s a picture of Alan Cummings with the them as well.  I thank the Alan Rickman Download Haven for the referral to the site.


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