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Now I know why…

I love Trader Joe’s.  No seriously, I do.  When I “discovered” TJ’s many, many years ago, I was in pig-heaven.  I was like a newly converted Christian spreading the word right and left to anyone who would listen.  They had vegetarian stuff, they had foods from around the world (garlic hummus next to the tzatziki next to the sushi rolls next to the… well you get the idea) and it was cheap (relatively speaking).  And they had inexpensive wine!  And in the last few years – good, low-priced wine from Argentina (Malbec – Oy! do yourself a favor and try the Argentine Malbec – its cheapest at TJ’s but you can get it anywhere these days – Norton’s is the most widely available).  I buy Argentine wine to help my family down there – I figure I’m helping the Argentine economy with every bottle of wine I drink!  I’m sure somewhere in Mendoza there’s a little vintner sending me muchas gracias as he sends his kids to college thanks to me!

 Anyway, I digress… I found an article about a talk presented by the founder of Trader Joe’s, Joe Coloumbe, and he states how he came up with the TJ’s marketing approach:

Over time, he realized that his stores especially appealed to the over-educated and underpaid, notably teachers, classical musicians, museum curators and journalists

Click on the quote to go to the article.  Its quite interesting.  He talks about everything from how Trader Joe’s started to the historical reasons northern Europeans are not wine drinkers to the world economics of wine production and how Argentina is on its way up the wine ladder.  Hmm, all this talking about wine has made me rather thirsty… I just happen to have a lovely $4.00 bottle of  La Finca Malbec in fridge (its good, not great – if you want great try Layer Cake Malbec – a lot pricier but really, really, really good) … must go now… tah…..


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