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Skull Crayons!

How do I make these you ask? I take nasty bits of broken black and grey crayons and force them into molds with the severed pieces of brighter and once happier crayons. I then climb to the tower  ….. why, yes I do have a tower on my lovely home… how silly of you to ask….  Where was I, oh yes…. I climb to the top of my tower, on a dark and stormy night and wait for a bolt of lightning to strike and fuse them  …. into …. into  (cue the organ music)…. Skull Crayons!!!! bwahahahahaha …. (…altho’ they do look a little zombiesh to me).

These are perfect for Halloween treats especially if you don’t want kids wired on sugar.   This is a set of 8 crayon skulls made from only 100% Crayola crayons (so I know they’re safe for kids to use). They are all different and the colors within the black and grey will vary. The size of each skull is approximately 1.25 inches by 1 inch by about 3/8 of inch deep.  I can package them as one unit or individually clearly marked as crayons  so no one is tempted to pop it in their mouths – altho’ they are non-toxic, nasty tasting, but non-toxic – don’t ask how I know they’re nasty-tasting…. just take my word for it.

Click here or on the skulls to go buy some!


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