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I’ve been away for a little bit and came home to find some HBP news  on the net – an eery scene that never made it into the Half Blood Prince.  Its rather good in my opinion but I can see why it was kept out of the film ending as it was edited (I didn’t like the film end as it was edited).  This scene gives us an idea of what the film could have looked like if they had rushed less and had taken the time to tell the story properly.  It is also available here at the Leaky Video Galleries) but here it is on YouTube….

I’ll refrain from heaping praise on Rickman – the few seconds of his performance speak for themselves.  I love the choral reference and the dark yellow green look of the cinematography reminiscent of Prisoner of Azkaban.  Hopefully, there will be more like this (including the It’s over line) on the dvd.


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