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I went to Vegas and fell in love

I know, huh? And at my age too.  Its embarrassing but you know when it happens, it happens.  I wasn’t expecting to become so utterly infatuated, so completely devoted.  And its the type of teeny-bopper love that makes you want to stop total strangers on the street and let them know how you feel.  I am now back home and still feeling the same way – apparently what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

I know its wrong but I am completely and totally in love with my iPhone.  Yes, me who shunned cellphones up until a couple of years ago when for traveling reasons I grudgingly purchased a pay-as-you-go minimalist phone from VirginMobile.  Half the time the battery was uncharged and weeks would go by before I would use the phone.  It served its purpose.  But then one day, for many years of service, I was gifted by my employers with a rather handsome gift certificate to the Apple store.  After thinking about it for six months or so and researching all my options, I dropped in on the 21st century to see if I could tolerate it.  Well,  my, my, my how pleasant the future is.

I took my iPhone on its maiden voyage – my brother and I were escorting out of town relatives (way out of town from Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay out of town) to Vegas.  I used the phone to coordinate and keep constantly informed of where in the casinos my brother (with the octogenarians) was while I (and the underaged one) saw the sites and non-gambling, non-drinking attractions.  I used the my iPhone to take quick pictures, check the weather, verify the time in South America, as an alarm clock, to check my e-mails and let my poor cousin going through internet-withdrawal check hers and surf.  We had forgotten to bring the Southwest info for check-in for our returning flight – I just brought it all up on my new bestest friend.   And the coup de grace, that just sealed the deal on my love was when while walking back to the Luxor, we arrived in front of the Bellagio, video camera in hand,  hoping to see the dancing waters.  We had no clue what the schedule was so I googled it on the iPhone and voila, we knew the next show started in about 15 minutes.  Many, many is the time in the past that while traveling that I wished I had instant access to the internet – it makes life so much easier.  I know the iPhone is not the only phone you can do this with, but it is the coolest phone you can do it with.  It looks good, works great and its easy to navigate and I’ve not even started using the iPod feature or purchasing apps for it…. sigh … my love just grows.   I know this is old hat to most but to me who remembers looking for a pay phone so I could call someone to go to my house to check the flight information that I had left on the front of my fridge door – its magic!  

P.S.:  I just recently started wearing hearing aids and I was worried about not being able to hear properly with the new fangled contraption.  No worries there either – I can hear just fine.  The speakerphone is not quite as loud as I would like but really I don’t need to use it much.  The ringtone could also be a bit louder but since the phone is never more than 3 feet away from me (I even use it as an alarm clock) that issue is also moot.  My other concern was going back to AT&T – so far, they are behaving themselves – except for the $11.00 worth of taxes and fees they tack on to the bill and didn’t mention when I signed the plan – I have the cheapest plan s0 $11.00 makes a difference to me but at this point I’m hooked on the phone.   Oh, and the camera, not the best but I’m not looking for the best out of it – just the luxory of having immediate access to a camera in case the Mother Ship should make an appearance.


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