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How to catch a vampire…


Vampire Catcher amoonshadow.etsy.com
Tired of sitting by the window with your neck exposed waiting for that special glistening one? Well wait no more! Hang these beautiful beads from a curtain rod, window, door frame and let the glittery blood red crystals work their magic and lure the vampire to you.* Even if they don’t work their magic, the beads are beautiful to watch sparkle in the twilight as you drift off to sleep.   These are available at my Etsy shop – please click on the image to go get them!



*Note: Use with caution. Not all vampires are young, cute and friendly like Edward! I refer you to an image of Nosferatu.


The Vampire Catcher  is approximately 19 inches long, looped on top and made with cloisonne red heart beads, quartz, tumbled garnet, glass beads and crystal beads and comes with a little card explaining their use. click on the image! They make a nice stocking stuffer for that vampire chasers on your list from tweens to those who remember Lugosi.


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