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December 6, the non-infamous

I’m still posting every day.   Yes, its only been six days but you know, I usually post to the blog maybe two or three times a month.  I know no one is actually reading this stuff, except for maybe  one or two die-hards (btw thank you to you(s), you know who you are) so posting everyday is more of an exercise in self-discipline, a muscle I rarely exercise – along with every other muscle I own.

So, as for the title, I was under the impression today was Pearl Harbor Day, but it is not.  It is tomorrow, December 7th, a day that which will live in infamy.  And I wonder, does it live in infamy?  How long is our collective memory?  Has the horror of that event lost its impact?  Will the horror of 9/11 lose its impact in sixty years?  In my younger days, I would joke about Pearl Harbor Day being the day I go out and get bombed – in retrospect, a very insensitive comment considering the loss of life and the consequences of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Will those kinds of comments ever be acceptable about the September attacks on the World Trade Centers?  I would hope not but then time and distance has a way of eroding the terrifying events of history.  Perhaps its only with age that we come to understand the past – maybe you need to live a few years and see a few things to gain respect for all of history, not just what you’ve actually lived through.

Hmm… I had every intention of doing a posting about “The Clapper” Christmas commercial when I sat in front of the computer this a.m., I’m not quite sure how I got to Pearl Harbor Day from that….


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