A MoonShadow MoonShadow

Okay I’m posting…

‘Cause I said I would post every day this month.  I’m taking a break from putting antlers on chili peppers – yes, you read that right, antlers on chili peppers.  I’m not sure its going to work.  If the glue holds on the eyes, I’ll post a picture tomorrow.  If not, I am going to be one disappointed puppy – particularly since I just rubbed my eye and its hurting and I’m not sure if its a result of chili pepper residue on my fingers or the beading glue that I’ve been using.  Alright, off to wash my hands (and eye) and break some crayons to mold into skulls.  And then perhaps I’ll make a couple more bars of soap before I go nonnies…. g’night.


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