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Adobe and I don’t mean bricks

Okay.  I’m being lazy – I am posting what I wrote elsewhere to cover me for the post to the blog every day this month promise.

Picture, if you will ….this scenario…. Let’s say you have a PDF of a multi-million dollar contract that is 150 pages long and you realize that page 42 is actually your grocery list which somehow or other got shuffled into the contract. To your horror, you discover this right before you are about to e-mail the document out at 4:53 p.m.  You must leave the office at 5:00 p.m. because er….uh… oh, just because, okay – work with me here.

 So, do you get up and re-scan the whole document making you late for uh… whatever it is you have to do?  No!  You use the “Delete Page” option in Adobe Acrobat which lets you delete as many pages as you need from a PDF document.

   How do you ask?  Well, from the Adobe top menu, choose Document and then choose Delete Pages.  A window will pop up and you can choose the page or pages you want deleted.  And poof, they are gone (always double check before you save the document that you deleted the right page(s) since there is no “undo” for this option).

   But, say you wanted to remove your grocery list from the multi-million dollar contract and keep it so you can run to the store as soon as you send the e-mail.  Yeah, that’s it – you had to run to the store right at 5:00 that’s what you needed to do!  Well, in that case choose “Extract Pages” where you can choose to save the page you are extracting as a new document.  Adobe will ask you where you want to save the extracted page(s) – just remember where you save it so you can retrieve it.

 Oh no, wait, the boss comes running up to you and says she forgot to sign the contract and wants you to rescan the document so her signature shows up on the last page.  Well, all you have to do is send her to scan in the last page and then use the “Replace Page” option.  You will be asked what document to use to for the replacement page and then which page out of the document to use to replace the page you are choosing to replace. 

 Now you can e-mail away, having deleted, extracted, and replaced pages in the PDF to suit your needs without having to re-scan or leave the comfort of your chair.  Isn’t technology wonderful?  

 By the way, I have placed the answer to life, the universe and everything somewhere in the above text.   I’ll provide the answer in a future post.


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