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In my younger days

I finally got to listen to the Eels new song (see yesterday’s post for the video and song).  It resonates, even got a little teary eyed.  While I liked the energy of the songs on Hombre Lobo, this is the kind of song that made me stand up and take notice of the Eels and E.  It has the feel, to me at least, of my favorite Christmas song from last year:  “I’m going to stop pretending I didn’t break your heart.”  I also enjoyed the video to “In my younger days” – it has Bobby, Jr. for starters and E looks relaxed and not as self conscious as he has looked when he is trying to “act.”  And the music is beautiful – I’m not a musician but I enjoy the electronic tones and for lack of a better description I’m going to call them seagull-like noises that weave in and through the song faintly, in the background.  I know that doesn’t sound right but I don’t have the vocabulary to describe what I enjoy about the music.  Anyway…

I wonder if there’s a limit as to how many times one can place a youtube video on a blog – what the heck – its Christmas, enjoy  (at least this a different version of the song – in the past I’ve put up the version the Eels did on the Craig Ferguson show)


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