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Smoking caterpillars

Here is another wonderful clip from Katie Benedict of Alan Rickman at the Hudson Union Society talk.  In this clip, he is talking about Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland and his character the smoking caterpillar.  Once again thank you so much Katie and to Ben who puts these together.  Click here please:  One Scheme of Happiness

I wish the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA would last just a little bit longer so I could see it on my annual pilgrimage to NYC (or I may have to move up my annual pilgrimage so as to see it).  I’ve been a fan of Burton’s since Vincent and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  I think the only Burton film I’ve not seen is, believe it or not, Sweeney Todd – I’m a big baby, I know – I get scared easily and really can’t take much blood and gore.  Some day I’ll work up the nerve to watch it (maybe).


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