A MoonShadow MoonShadow

The 18th Post

I’ve got a cold …. yes, that’s right, another one.  I’m tired and I’m cranky and I haven’t started Christmas shopping.  My nose is drippy and sore from the wiping, my head hurts, my eyes are red and watery, I have an ear ache, I can’t breathe through my nose so I’m breathing through my mouth and I have occasional stabby sinus pains that makes me squinch up my whole face and now I’ve started sneezing  – so I decided to stay home tonight rather than inflict the monstrosity that I am unto the world or, er the mall…. so there, there’s the 18th post for the month.  Maybe tomorrow’s post will be a bit more entertaining… I can’t even muster the energy to go find a video – talk amongst yourselves….


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