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Holmes, is that you?

I want to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie but I have some reservations.  I grew up watching Basil Rathbone and while I know his interpretation of Holmes was rather sanitized, his is the image of Holmes I see when I read the stories.  I loved reading the Sherlock Holmes short stories as a kid.  I must have been around 11 or 12 maybe younger, when I started checking them out of the library, consuming them and then annoying my brother with my deductions.  What I enjoyed most about the stories was that logic and observation where the means to undo the bad guys (kind of also explains my preference for Spock over Kirk).  Not brawn but wit was the best tool of Watson and Holmes.  Intelligence won the day.  I’m afraid the latest incarnation of Holmes might be more physical than intellectual.  Although, in re-reading the stories as an adult I did catch a bit more depth to Holmes than I had as a child – fits of depression, drug use, anti-social behavior to name but a few and I realized that in several instances, Holmes looked the other way and let the criminal off the hook when he judged the crime to be justified, but logic and intellect were still Holmes best tools. This is only from the trailers mind you so I may be completely mistaken, but Downey’s portrayal of Holmes makes him appear to more of a scoundrel and a street brawler and a sexy one at that.  I’ll have to work at thought of accepting RDJ as a sexy and charming steampunky Sherlock Holmes, shirtless …. scuffling …. erh…. uhm,…… where was I – oh, yes I was about to buy a ticket to see Sherlock Holmes.

It did make me feel better when I read that the Baker Street Irregulars are not dismayed:  Sherlockians


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