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Please Mr. Jobs, can I have one?

I’m at home and I’m sick.  I’ve got a cold of some sort that’s worked itself into my ears and I’ve become even more deaf than I was two days ago.  The ear canals are swollen and I can’t put in my hearing aids and you know what would make me feel better….a new iPad!!  Please, please I want one… I need one…. please? (cough, cough) … Hey, I figure if Stephen Colbert can blatantly ask for one on his show, I could certainly do the same on my little dog and pony blog (why I must be up to like 20 readers a day by now!!!)  One of you must know some one who works at Apple, please ask them if I can have an iPad.  I’ll wait.

Did I mention I deserve it?  I just recently ranted and raved about how much my iPhone means to me.  I’m typing this on my Mac.  I’ve been trying to get our office to switch to Apple for years now – just ask them, they’ll tell you what a ginormous pain I am about it.  And really, ultimately, it’s not for me.  It’s for my dad.  He’s 80 and cannot operate the old monster PC he has.  My dad  gave up on the old PC which now sits grey and cold and sullen, glowering at anyone who walks in the room.  But my dad has shown great interest in my iPhone and asked me  to show him how it operates.  He was impressed as was my 78 year old mom who normally could care less about anything more technically challenging than a remote control.  My dad would really appreciate the no contract G3 one in particular.  I think the iPad could really be quite a hit with seniors.  You just have to touch it to go where you need to go.  You can enlarge print until you can comfortably read it just by touching the screen (one of dad’s many complaints about the PC is the small print and the problems adjusting it for his eyesight).   He can get photos of his grandchildren immediately and large enough so he can actually see them.  So, please, Mr. Jobs, can I have an iPad?  I will give it to my dad to use and review it from the point of view of an 80 year old Hispanic male and blog about it (you can’t see me but I’m on my knees and that isn’t easy considering the head cold I have and did I mention the stabby pains in my ears…..)

Okay.  I’ll await your response.  Thank you.

Watch the announcement here:  iPad presentation by Jobs..

And the iPad demo here:  I want one (did I mention for free? please)

Oh and one more thing… I realized after posting the above I’ve developed a lovely case, make that two lovely cases, of pink eye.  So, an iPad would be extra specially deserved now cause well, cause I really, really would like one?  Thank  you…..


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