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So Stephen Colbert has one…

Now its my turn, right?  I’m waiting for my iPad Mr. Jobs sir….  please….. see previous post, its not for me, its for my dad….



So far the Grammys have kept my attention – which is not easy to do.  I’m not up on music (the ears haven’t been good for a few years so music has not been a priority).  But they started the show with Elton John and some one named Lady Gaga (I’m not all that impressed with her music but her outfit caught my eye)  and then added Stephen Colbert so that I’ll watch for a little longer I suppose …..

Wow – Pink’s performance was amazing.  I couldn’t help but wonder tho’ if the people being sprinkled underneath her were getting a little ticked off – I can’t imagine a lot of those gowns do well with water spots …. and she had to be lip synching right – how does one continue to sing while becoming a human sprinkler ….

BTW … I still want an iPad….. please…. thank you….

…. oh and one more thing… did they cut short the remembrance to those in the field who had passed away last year?  It seemed like a rather odd and short list they put together… notably Lhasa was not listed.  And watching the last segment all I could think of was…. Pants on the ground…


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