A MoonShadow MoonShadow

Too quick to judge…

I work Saturday mornings.  The parking lot is empty usually when I get there and I usually get there late.  I roll in with my coffee in one hand and the keycard in the other, grumpy, sunglassed and suspicious of the world.  As I drove up today there was this guy walking across our lot, probably in his 50s or 60s.  He was wearing a quilted type jacket and a reddish Elmer Fudd type hat (the flaps were up).  He was walking slow through the lot, looking up towards the building, staring kind of vacantly and stopping every so often.  And I thought, great, just what I need, some homeless and/or mental guy to start my morning.  So I just kind of fidgeted with stuff in my car hoping he’d start walking again and go away.  Well, he didn’t.  So, since I was already late, I decided to brave it.  He was thin and small enough that I figured I could hit him with my metal coffee cup and take him down (yes, that is the way I think, especially in the morning).  So, I got out of the car.  Looked at him to make sure he knew I saw him and turned towards the building.  And then I saw what he was looking at.  Perched on top of the building was what I thought at first glance was a humongous pigeon and then I realized it was this a huge and gorgeous hawk.  Just perched there, staring out across the horizon.  Wow!  I looked at the guy and realized he wasn’t who I had on quick inspection declared him to be.  He was not badly dressed, he was just trying to keep warm – he looked like a retired professor out for his morning walk.  He was not demented, just mesmerized as I was.  The hawk soon spread its wings and flew up and around behind the building.  I looked at the guy and he gave me a little hand wave.  I waved back.  He continued his morning constitutional and I went into work.


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