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A Naturalized Alien’s Opinion

For part of my life I was an alien – a legal alien, but an alien just the same.  I came from a country where authorities can demand to see “your documents” at any time.  A country that for a period of time would make people who disagreed with those running the country disappear, simply vanish off the streets.  I became a citizen of the United States by choice.  I believed this country to be different than the country I was born in.  I am Hispanic, I live in Arizona and I am watching the deterioration of civil rights that I thought were an integral part of the America I chose to become a citizen of.   Arizona has made it legal to stop anyone based on their appearance, demand to see their documents and God forbid, they be in the country legally and not have their “papers” on them and have a less than total grasp of the English language, take them into custody.

Illegal aliens have become the scapegoat for all of Arizona’s problems.  Rather than facing the facts that the economy in Arizona is circling the drain and that this state is in such dire financial trouble that it is forcing state employees to take days off without pay, school districts are closing down schools and teachers are being fired for lack of funding, our state legislature turns its eye to illegal aliens, points its old boney finger at “them” and declares them the reason for all our woes.   Rather than attempting to find real solutions to the financial crisis, our legislature spends its time and our money on a plan that is unnecessary, illegal and guaranteed to cost the state of Arizona more money if not in enforcing the law then in the lost revenue from the boycotts planned against the state.  The only recourse those of us who oppose what is being done have is to vote the idiots legislators out of office when their term is up.  The absolute worse thing that President Obama has done to us here in the state of Arizona is to have chosen Gov. Napolitano to join him in D.C. and left us with a power hungry governor who is forcing her agenda down the state’s throat as quickly as she can before she is dragged out of office.  Frankly, even the commercials for “Buzz Mills for Governor” are beginning to look good to me by comparison (kidding, just kidding no Buzz for us, thanks).

On a superficial level, the law does not affect me.  While I am Hispanic, my ethnicity renders me capable of “passing.”   The bigoted image of what an Hispanic or Latino looks like renders me “non-Hispanic” in the eyes of most of American society.   Hispanic is not an ethnicity.  Hispanic means you come from a Spanish speaking country.    I could be of African descent or Japanese descent or German descent and still be Hispanic.   But then who knows how long it will be before those of African, Japanese or German descent will start being stopped on the street and required to show their papers.


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