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The picture in the header…

The picture up there, in the header to the blog, is a cropping from a photograph I took two years ago in Colonia, Uruguay, looking across the Rio Plata at sunset towards Buenos Aires.  The river is so wide you can’t see Buenos Aires, but trust me its there.  Putting up this picture has placed the Oscar winning song from Motorcycle Diaries firmly in my head:  Al otro lado del rio by Jorge Drexler (Uruguayo).

Part of the lyrics:
Clavo mi remo en el agua
Llevo tu remo en el mío
Creo que he visto una luz al otro lado del río

Placing my oar in the water
I carry your oar with mine
I believe I saw a light on the other side of the river

*For the record, and I’ve posted this previously, Che Guevara lost my respect when he picked up a gun – but still see the movie, its worth it.

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