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What’s that?  That’s the sound of the Tony Award Show gracelessly falling.  I’m going to be honest and direct about my opinions – your opinion may vary:

Starting off with rock and roll and Greenday to try and engage a younger crowd – shameless.  I liked the deer in the headlight looks of some of the older thespians while the middle-aged tried to nod their heads and clap along to at least give the appearance of understanding what was happening before them.

Sean Hayes is wonderful.  He is being a trooper about this – its the pacing of the show and the presentation of awards that just is not cutting it – speaking of cutting – some one should have stopped Scarlett about 5 minutes into her thank you speech.

And who decided to have the actors come out and talk about the nominated plays (as opposed to musicals who are allowed to perform production numbers).  It is a credit to how good some of these actors are that they can make pitching the play to us interesting (I’m looking at you Tony Shaloub!).

And does Zeta-Jones go into traction at the end of every performance of Send in the Clowns?  I don’t see how she avoids whiplash from whipping her head back and forth like that while she sings – she was making me dizzy.

Angela Lansbury is still strong!  Go Angela!

David Hyde Pierce doesn’t look well.  I was ecstatic to see Katie Finneran win for best Featured Actress in Promises, Promises – the only Broadway show I saw this year.  She was magnificent, inventive and above all funny.  Her time was impeccable.  It was trite of them to put the Crane boys together to present – and kind of serindipitous to have “Poppy” win (see reference here).

Apparently no one is cut off at the Tonys.  Did Viola Davis not thank Denzel on purpose?  or was it a major oversight?

Sure they can make time for a production number from a television show but can’t present actors acting (i.e. – plays being performed rather than described)?

Oh I love Nathan Lane!  You could see him just biting his tongue and read his thoughts across his face after that embarassingly gushy Sarah Jessica Parker-like thank you that Catherine Zeta Jones sweatingly effused after she won.  And talk about cool little handshake when Hodge won for best actor in a musical in essentially the same role that Nathan Lane presented on screen.  I really wish I could have gotten to see his and Bebe’s performance in the Addams Family this year.

Oh my lord, half the audience stood up and went on stage when they announced Memphis as best musical.  I was afraid the theater was going to tip over.


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