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Soy Uruguaya?

Naci en Argentina de madre uruguaya y padre argentino.  But I grew up in the U.S.A. from the age of 6 on up (legal, man, I’m legal – I’m a naturalized citizen – I live in Arizona – you have to show your papers).

All this leaves me in a quandry every 4 years when the World Cup comes around.  In the past its been pretty simple – AR-GEN-TINA!  The other two nations that lay claim to my loyalties were not a factor in previous games.  Well this year I find that I just spent the morning yelling in Spanish early in the morning Vamos U-RU-GUAY! And then until a short while ago shouting GO U.S.A., U.S.A.!!!  Unfortunately, they were just taken out of the games by Ghana (again) making my decision a little bit easier.  And tomorrow morning I’ll be yelling AR-gen-tina, AR-GEN-TINA!

Which leaves with a decision to make – soy Argentina o soy Uruguaya?  Uruguay looks good and I have secretly been rooting for them all along.  They are hungry for a win and have the talent to do it.  Its a classic underdog story.  I’m angry at how little press coverage the Uruguay team has gotten considering how well it has done.

Argentina is one of the powerhouses of the game (much like the much-hated-by-me Yankees of the MLB).  They are favored but they are led by Maradona who in my opinion is a loon.  He may have been a great soccer player but the man is an arrogant loony (altho’ apparently a pretty good coach).

So when push comes to shove what am I and where do my loyalties lie?  I think I’ll let the teams decide that for me – I will be equally happy for an Argentine or Uruguayan win (altho’ I think I may be just a teeny bit happier if Uruguay wins because, well, frankly they have the cutest team – Go Forlan!!!! Go Diego Go!)


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One thought on “Soy Uruguaya?

  1. Hola! I can really relate to your post. I was born in Guatemala, grew up in Australia and now living in Holland. The socceroos are out so i’m going for Holland. Yet I want a South-America or Mexico team to win too!. Btw, because of Forlan I’ve been cheering for Uruguay!. Anyways, just wrote a post about it: http://lasusea.wordpress.com

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