A MoonShadow MoonShadow


I am feeling a feeling right now that I have not felt for many decades. It has taken me back to my youth and brought back a sensation long forgotten. I went roller skating today and I had not been rollerskating in many, many years. I was without a doubt the oldest person on wheels in that rink. And I fell and I fell hard and I fell twice. I fell so hard that it hurt my teeth and the top of my head even tho I landed on my derriere. Not once but twice. And the feeling that took me back to my youth is the sensation in my hands right now, the fleshy part right by the thumbs. I knew this pain well as a child. I fell a lot. Graceful I was not. I had many a sidewalk trip and fall and I would always catch myself with my hands, my poor hands. And that is the sensation I’m feeling now–the soreness in my palms that tells me I have fallen today… Not the one time…. But twice …. Adults do not fall much – kids fall. And my fall today brought back all sorts of great memories of running and falling and skinning knees and not caring, just getting up and running some more through the hot humid days of summer.


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