A MoonShadow MoonShadow

Another missed eclipse….

Okay this is a lovely little .gif that from NASA.  The dark blue segment slowly spinning by is night as it makes its way around the globe.  The lighter blue/green area is the path of the solar eclipse that will take place tomorrow, July 11, 2010.  The black dot is the path of totality – where the  eclipse is at its best.  Watch until the end where the eclipse reaches the point of Argentina and streaks away into nightfall.  El Calafate is the city closest to where that occurs and a glacier (Perito Moreno) would most likely be the best spot for viewing.  That is where I wish I could be tomorrow but finances and the little bit of common sense I have left has firmly rooted me to where I am – many, many miles away.  Its probably not the best place to see this eclipse but its where I wanted to be for this one.  C’est la vie….

If I can maintain some modicum of health, this is the eclipse that I have to see before I shed the mortal coil – Egypt 2027!


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