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Its official….

I am a jinx.  I haven’t watched an Orioles game in over a year (that’s right I’m an Orioles fan, I’m not ashamed to admit it – altho’ I probably should be).  Partly because I just haven’t been watching as much baseball as I used to and partly because no one in their right mind would broadcast an Orioles game (unless they’re playing the Yankees because the Yanks always get air time – I’ll refrain from stating just how much the Yankees suck … but they do).  The Orioles are at the bottom of the heap this year and last year, and the year before (if not at the very bottom then just a couple of inches from the very bottom).

Anyway, I just happened to come across a White Sox/Orioles game on WGN and caught the last few innings.  Firstly, may commend the WGN announcers for knowing how to broadcast a game – keep quiet if you don’t have anything to say that is of relevance to the game being played.  It was refreshing to watch and listen to the game without getting annoyed at the extreme close ups of someone’s  sweaty ears…. Whoops I digress … the score was 3-2 White Sox when I joined and it was 4-2 White Sox when it ended.

I dared to have hope when I started watching because the Orioles have been on a winning streak (is 4 games a winning streak?) since Buck Showalter joined the team as manager.  I don’t know 2/3rds of the players on the team anymore.  There are new, fresh faces who seemed oh, so capable and fueled my visions of perhaps witnessing a win!  But alas, I have come to conclude that it is I who caused them to lose by being a witness to the event.  Its the quantum mechanics explanation of why the Orioles keep losing.  Here is a lovely animation that explains how an observed particle behaves differently than an unobserved particle – I know it makes no sense but that’s physics and that’s baseball….


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