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Balloon pumps are seasonal?

I went on a quest this morning to find a balloon pump.  Never mind why I needed a balloon pump, I just did.  I thought I had one (in fact I thought I had two) but a hunt through my garage produced nothing but an allergy attack, spiderwebs (they’re back!) and oh, yeah, some cool astronaut fabric I forgot I had.  Having no luck in the gahrage (pronounced like Elton does in the song Levon), I hit the streets.  I went to the Party Store, Toys ‘R Us, Michaels and JoAnns and each time I asked the clerks (most of them under the age of 20) I was pointed in the direction of a helium balloon kit and told they didn’t carry hand pumps!  What a world, what a world!  I don’t want helium balloons and my lung capacity isn’t what it used to be – altho’ really I was never able to blow up balloons – I would just hyper extend my cheeks and get that weird sensation in my cheeks and ears (I always imagined I look like Dizzy Gillespie when I tried to inflate balloons).   The only over 20 store clerk that I talked to told me that sometimes they carry them in the spring?  What the? I never thought of balloon pumps as seasonal but go figure and why in the spring?  As I pondered all this on the drive back home, I had a MacGyver moment and realized that for my purposes I could use an empty spray bottle to inflate the balloons.  I just need the balloons to be the size of Christmas ornaments (yes, if you must know that’s what I’m working on). 

I got home and emptied out a water spray bottle, got the balloon on there and voila, I got what I wanted.  Now, if this little experiment of mine works and I make more of these I’ll just go on line somewhere and get a balloon pump – or maybe go to Target and get a bicycle pump, or a matress pump, or get my neices and nephews to come over for a little bit and make them blow up balloons for me….


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