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Thank you Mexico

I just spent the day Christmas shopping (don’t judge me – I’m a procrastinator and I’m proud of it).  I stormed through 3 different Target stores, Toys ‘R Us, Michaels, Barnes & Noble, Borders and an entire mall hitting just about every other store it seemed.  The one thing I found as a constant in the stores and in the parking lots were the families, slews of them, up from Mexico, speaking Spanish and buying and buying and buying.  I think Arizona should be thankful for our south of the border customers.  I think our economy would truly suffer if Mexican citizens were not coming up to spend their dollars with us.  My estimate is that a good 35% at least of the customers around me were Mexican Nationals.  The proof they were Mexican Nationals is in the amount of Sonora and Sinaloa and other license plates I saw occupying the parking spaces I was hunting for and in the people around me who spoke exclusively in Spanish (not the spanglish that is more customarily spoken up here).  So, viva Mexico y gracias!


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