A MoonShadow MoonShadow

I give up….

I cannot find my passport.  I have destroyed the minimal organization I did have in the house while chasing false lead after false lead that my brain has been feeding me.  Oh yes, remember, you tucked in that ceramic container on the table, no? Not there – oh wait now I remember, you found it in a pocket of your travel bag and placed in a plastic bin with your other trip memorabilia… No, no.. not there?  Oh wait, I think you placed it in a drawer, weren’t you carrying it in your purse, wasn’t it on the nightstand, no wait, I remember, try  the bathroom…..  I am  beginning to suspect that my much neglected intellect is enjoying playing games with me, sending me on one wild goose chase after another.  When I remember something like this, I usually see an image of where I saw it last.  I have so many false memories now of where it was last seen, that I could make a lovely scrapbook.  I don’t really know where to look anymore.  I have found many an item that I had previously looked for with no success among them – 3 rolls of scotch tape (Christmas Eve I had to make a run to the store to buy a roll cause I couldn’t find one to save my life – beginning to see a pattern here?)  I have also found my Eels CD, Medieval Garden and clip art books (for that project that is now a 4 years old at least but still not truly started), empty journals that I bought, tucked away and never wrote in, and most useful of all, I found my St. Anthony card.  I have said a prayer and handed it off on to him.  Frankly, I’m not even sure St. Anthony can help me at this point.  I’ve torn this place up so completely that even if I remember where it is, I won’t be able to find it.

I did find the copy of my passport that I usually leave behind when I travel.  The passport is up for renewal in May.  Maybe this whole thing is moot….


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