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Prayers and Logic – works every time…

Found it!  (see yesterday’s post)  and just minutes ago….  I decided to take a more logical and cool approach in my search (rather than yesterday’s approach which was opening every drawer, cubby, plastic container and shuffling through papers, throwing them about and yelling “woe is me! woe is me! I’ll never find it” while gnashing my teeth and pumping my fist in the air).  I got home, had my dinner and rationalized that it was an important document and as such, even I, would not just haphazardly have placed it in with the dvds or buried it in the junk drawer.  I was not going to give the win to St. Anthony but I found the passport in a green plastic organizer with several papers from my last trip abroad and my broken rosary with which I always travel (what can I say, I went to Catholic school, you just can’t shake that sort of thing off).   So, thank you St. Anthony … onward and upward so to speak.

As far as lost passports go by the way, this isn’t even close to my previous adventure.  I had tickets purchased to Venezuela to see an eclipse and didn’t find my passport until 2 weeks prior to departure.  I don’t learn from my mistakes – I just find more creative ways of making them again.



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