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Alphabet Tea with the Octopus

After rushing around and getting the boy to school with his tummy full of milk, oatmeal and sourdough toast (with cream cheese), the little girl and I spent part of our morning having alphabet tea with Ariel the Octopus.*

Later on, we watered abuelo’s plants, got muddy, met the neighbor’s new dog and went for a short walk (we were looking for CrazyCat – haven’t seen her in a while).  We also did some interpretive dance to the music on the classical station.  I had to check to see what we were dancing to – it was rather ominous and melodramatic – Mahler’s Resurrection.** Yikes!  We lightened the mood by reading Goodnight Lulu which we finished right as mama came to pick her up.

*The tea was all her idea – placing each little cup onto the waiting pink and purple tentacles of Ms. Ariel Octopus.  She was also the originator of the alphabet tea.

**I was just listening to the YouTube link for Mahler’s piece, and was surprised to hear a little of Star Wars/Darth Vader’s theme.  I didn’t notice it when we listened on the radio — we started listening in the middle of it and only for a few minutes or so.  I guess I’m not the only one to have noticed it. John Williams seems to have been “influenced” by quite a lot of composers ….


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