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The wind is blowing through the avocado and the plum trees in my tio’s yard. A cool breeze streams in through the open windows. After a good lunch of roast chicken, fried potatoes and a simple salad, of course, accompanied by wine and reminiscing about the old days, it is siesta time. The house is cool and quiet but I’m not sleeping. Being my first full day here, the siesta habit eludes me.
Earlier today we went downtown to el centro, full of argentine vacationers here for their summer beach time. School starts the 1st of March and this is a last hurrah for the kids, much like the last weeks of August for the U.S. kids. Mar del Plata looks to have gotten busier and louder in the three years I’ve been away. The loudness is probably due to my new hearing aids.
The rhythm of the day is different here. We had a light breakfast of buttered crackers and coffee and then headed downtown. Stopped our window shopping for a cool drink – which turned into two large full sized bottles of Stella Artois split between four of us. And then back home for lunch at 3:00. We’ll probably go out again around six or seven after some yerbamate con faturas and have dinner of left over chicken around ten. Hmm getting a little sleepy ……


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