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I was a strange teen-ager.  No, no, really – I know its hard to believe, but I was.   When I was fourteen, while all the other girls in my freshman year high school class (St. Agnes School for Girls, College Point, NY) were swooning over James Taylor (he had hair then), I was saving my pennies to buy the new Andy Williams album.  That’s right, Andy Willaims’ Love Story album – it was right 1971 and I was stuck on Andy.  I took a lot of teasing and still do but you know, the man can sing and he had a good sense of humor about himself  (who can forget the encounters between Cookie Bear and Williams and the high pitched “Not now, not ever, NEVER!… anyone? anyone? ….)

Anyway, I’m posting this cause this song has been rattling through my brain: “Can’t Get Used to Losing You.”  I heard it on Pandora a few months ago again and every so often I catch myself singing it (like last night as I was trying to fall asleep):

I thought it was similar to the theme to Cade’s County — come now, surely you remember Cade’s County?  Glen Ford? No, huh?  Apparently I didn’t remember the Cade’s County theme song very well at all – it’s a Mancini theme and sounds a lot like the Mystery Movie of the Week theme to me …. I’m rambling aren’t I.  Its vacations – they do this to me.  It loosens up the synapses and I start free-falling through my brain’s filing system.  Thank God there’s the internet for me to easily dig up this stuff or I’d be driving myself and everyone around me nuts….

 Here’s Cade’s County:

And here’s the NBC Mystery Movie theme (also Mancini)


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