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Mildew the Woluf

I recently took a step towards the 21st century and upgraded to digital cable for my old 400 pound cathode tube television set.  I don’t really know how much it weighs but I can’t move it by myself and even with assistance it is a chore.  Anyway, last Saturday night I stumbled across a cartoon channel showing Penelope Pitstop.  I stopped, and watched and listened and picked up on the vocal stylings of Paul Lynde.  His voice triggered a memory – a cartoon featuring a small voiced little character that would cry “its the woluf, its  the woluf” – but I could remember short of nothing else about it other than my brother and I used it as a catch phrase for a while and then moved on to something else.  Out popped my iPhone (why get up and go to the other room to search on the desktop when Baby is right there) and I did  a search for “its the woluf” and wouldn’t you know it, Google led me to this:

Paul Lynde is really the only thing that in retrospect makes this worth watching.

Here’s more enough on old Mildew: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/voice-compare/Hanna-Barbera-Classics/Mildew-Wolf/


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