A MoonShadow MoonShadow

I give up

There’s a reason why I haven’t been posting on a consistent basis.  I have nothing to say.  I have sat here and looked for videos, songs, photographs – anything that would inspire some sort of written response and well, meh…

I am not actually a writer.  If I were, I would write even when the inspiration was not there and work at creating (rather than tossing up these posts aimed at filling space and fulfilling my self imposed task of posting every day for a month).  Come to think of it, by that same logic I’m not really a craftsperson or an artist.

Hmm, perhaps I’m just in the refueling process.  I read somewhere that to produce you have to consume.   Perhaps I’m just consumptive right now ….

Okay well, that’s about 130-some words right there.  That’s enough to fill the quota.


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