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Talking to four year olds…

On the way to swim class today, my 4 year old neice in the back, says “Tia, what’s that lotion there.” I look and see a little hand sanitizer bottle next to me.  I say “Its for cleaning your hands.” Her response was “Why?”  How does one respond to that – is she asking why do we clean our hands, why clean your hands with that, why is that a hand cleaner????  I think she knows what hand sanitizer is, why is she asking?  I respond because you have to clean your hands to get rid of germs.  She asks how it gets rid of germs, is it like soap?  I tell her no, its got chemicals that clean your hands.  She was appalled – “You shouldn’t use chemicals.”  I explain these are good chemicals.  Her response, “Oh, so what does it do to the germs…” at which point, mercifully, I spotted her mother’s car at the Y parking lot and distracted her by saying, oh look mama’s here which ended the conversation…. for now.  If asked a question I feel obliged to answer it, and its not always easy to answer the questions of a four year old.  After I left them at the Y, splashing in the water, I got in the car and headed off to work.  I went to start the ignition and looked down and realized she had been asking about the sunblock lotion that was there in the cupholder.   Tomorrow we’ll have to talk about the difference between sun block and hand sanitizer….


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