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Dang it

I was rooting for the rapture today in an effort to stave off having to write another dull post.  No such luck…. I guess …. I’m assuming it didn’t happen.  I’m not sure how it works.  What if the rapture occurred but there was no one deemed worthy?  Or maybe it was only one lone hermit in the mountains of Italy who met the test and was taken – how would we know?

Giovanni Bellini, Saint Francis in the Desert or Saint Francis in Ecstasy, oil on panel, c. 1480 (Frick Collection)   

I thought I had my own copy of the above image that I took at the Frick but I couldn’t find it.  I remember being so in awe of being in the presence of the painting that perhaps I just didn’t think to take a photo … ah, wait, never mind.  I just looked up the Frick Collection policies and no photos are allowed…. explains why I don’t have any Sargents either – those were lovely …


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