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I just created my first iPad iMovie in about thirty minutes (including the time I spent just playing around with themes and transitions and titles).  It is very limited in the options you get for titles and transitions and other add ons that come with the full program.  But it makes up for it in ease – the ability to load photos and video and move them and shorten and edit is all done with the swipe of a finger.  On the Mac I get very, very, very frustrated with iMovie (I much prefer the older version of the program before they “improved it”) but the iPad version is great for getting everything set up the way you want and then, I think, if you want to get fancy with titles and fades and the like you just upload it up to your Mac (you don’t have a Mac? … you really should get one) and give it the finishing touches there.  All in all I liked it – I wish it would do more, but perhaps that will come with time.  I’ve seen some extras apps for iMovies, I’ll check those out.  But I really do hate paying for apps – apps should be like the flowers and the air – free for everyone … or at least keep them under $1.99.   Perhaps I’ll post one of the movies here soon.  Perhaps.


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