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What? I have to talk to you?

Our e-mail was down at work today.  Most unsettling.  In order to communicate with co-workers, I had to get up from my cozy chair and walk to their office and relay the information verbally, face to face, in person even!  It made me really think about how important the piece of information was and whether it was worth getting up and having to physically talk to someone.  In most cases, I opted out and figured it could wait until the e-mail system came up.  Its not up yet.  Hopefully I’ll remember what it was I wanted to say.  But really if it wasn’t important enough to get up out of my chair to relay the information, how important could it be?

Amazing how totally dependent we are on the electronic mail.  I suppose we could use faxes and telphone calls to communicate with the outside world.  But e-mail is so much easier – no one interrupts you in an e-mail like they do on the phone.  You can say what you need to, send it off and then await a reply.  Much more civilized than conversation I think.  And faxes, well, faxes were the rage when I first started working in offices – they were the new fangled contraption (yes I am that old).  But faxes have fallen into slim use as of late.  You never know for sure if the person on the other end has received them and usually you follow up by a telephone call – again, having to talk to people.  There is so much room for miscommunicaiton when you have to talk.  … Hopefully the e-mail system will be up tomorrow.  I need my word of the day…


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