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Does that qualify for a post?  This posting everyday for a month has been a trial.  Mostly because by the time I sit down to write after running around all day, the myriad of things I thought I would write about either a) don’t seem that important or b) seem too important to be halfheartedly confronted in a quickie post.  Writing posts on a blog is a strange thing to do anyway.  I’m not writing for profit.  I’m not writing for any other reason but the sake of writing – of putting my opinion on a slip of paper, stuffing it into a bottle and setting it out to sea and wondering whose going to read it and at what point n the future… or if anyone will read it at all.  So mainly I’m doing it for my own pleasure or perhaps its just ego to believe that you have something to say that is worthy of being read.  Whatever the reason, I have just 3 more days of forcible entries (professional joke) and then I’ll post when there is something actual to say.  Altho’ really this has been a good exercise in discipline if nothing else.  Buenas noches, there is a lovely glass of Malbec calling my name (and in a spanish accent no less)…. Not even going to proof this so excuse the mistakes (if any).


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