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Its shameless self-promotion time!  Something I haven’t done in a while (well at least here on zeee blog).  In honor of the last of the Harry Potter movies, I have a new item over at the Etsy store.  Take a gander (oh, and there are spoilers below so if you haven’t read the last two books, don’t go down there!):

“After all this time? … Always… ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  This ring honors the devotion and loyalty of the Professor Snape with the word “Always” emblazoned in the light green color of Lily’s eyes over the black buttoned sleeve that has become emblematic (at least for me) of the half blood Prince.  It makes a lovely accessory to wear while viewing the last movie.  My accessories will include a box of tissues – all the deaths at the end including the death of Fred (I told you not to come down here if you hadn’t read the book – now shoo) and poor loyal, brave Snape (I know what you’re thinking and I am not obsessed) will be hard to watch … oh and by the way, the ring is not waterproof so please take it off once you begin to sob…


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