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Another Saturday night

It’s Saturday night. I’m sitting in the living room lit only by the glow of my iPad and the christmas lights (yes I know it’s August). The radio is set to classical music — I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion and left it on. I would think I’m slipping into old age except for the fact that I’ve been conducting Etsy business while I sit here, in the other room I’ve got the phone plugged into the Mac so that I can get the latest update plus I’ve got the Mac working on trying to import about twenty minutes of footage into iTunes so I can bring it on to my iPad and edit the new epic film tentatively titled “The Frog Father.” And may I just add how much I loathe the version of iMovie I currently use. It is an unstable piece of unusable crap. I’m obviously an Apple person, but the old iMovie was so much more intuitive and robust. I can’t upgrade until I get a new computer so I’m going to see how the iPad handles film editing with the iMovie app. We shall see. I guess I should go see about working on the rings I need to post to Etsy. I may not have crossed completely into old age yet but perhaps I need to step away from the computer, ipad and phone and step outside every so often …..

UPDATE:  Color me disillusioned… I’m still banging my head against the screen – and that is a dicey business on an iPad.  Apparently, I cannot upload the footage from the video camera that I dragged through the computer’s iMovie (i.e. converted in a grueling two hour process for 9 minutes of footage – yes my computer is old) onto the iPad.   I’ll keep looking for an answer – I don’t give up easy…. I know there has to be away to do this – but I’m tired and still haven’t gotten rings made.  Worse comes to worse, I guess I can edit on the computer but if I have to do that, there will be cursing …. lots of it …. in at least two languages ….


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