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Look …. at …. me ….

Time for more shameless self promotion…..

Snape utters those last three words to Harry “Look … at … me” unmasking who he really is and has been all these many years, while remembering Lilly one last time through Harry’s eyes. Yes, I know, way too much thought process behind this one – but it is one of my favorte lines from Deathly Hallows. This pendant is inspired by the Potions Master final act of courage.

I have taken a digital image of Snape, cropped and digitally reworked it to produce the image used in the pendant. I then placed it under a glass cabochon and onto a vintage looking copper pendant tray. The pendant measures 1 inch around and comes with a 24 inch matching chain. Please note, the pendant is not waterproof so please make sure that when you start sobbing uncontrollably during the scene in the book or the movie, the pendant is safely out of the way of your tears.
Here’s the link to my shop:  AMoonShadow – lots of other Harry Potter inspired items there….

I thought long and  hard about using Alan Rickman’s face on this.  His image is not mine to use (oh that it were) but because I manipulated the image, cropping it and filtering it through Photoshop, I decided that tho’ it is based on Mr. Rickman’s face, it is now something apart from the original and hence original.  If he’d tell me otherwise, I’d be glad to remove the…  oh, it would be so worth removing the pendant just to get a call from the voice …”Remove that this instant.”  Okay, back to earth….


I ‘m considering joining one of those November write something every day commitments… I’m not good with commitments tho…. we’ll see what happens….


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