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I missed a day. I’ll make up for it by posting twice in one day somewhere along the line. I had my niece and nephew with me and totally shirked my responsibilities. We went to the park, spread a blanket and had a happy meal lunch ( it was the humpty dumpty toy from Puss n Boots. Must have). After that the kids played on the slides and monkey bars and ran and swang and ran some more. We went over to where they were having a cavalry exhibition at the Ft. Lowell Museum. They had a teepee set up and we went quickly through the museum and went on to listen tot the 4th Cavalry band (they were in the carb of the old Tucson soldiers of a bygone era) they played a few nice marches, the girl picked dry leaves and folded them in her sweater while the boy was doing something (braiding, making airplanes or robots???) with a little eucalyptus branch. We left before it was over and went down to Michaels to get supplies for our crafting ideas. After that we met my brother for dinner at Chilis. The boys then went to Barnes and Nobles and the little girl and I stopped at Target for some medicine (she had a soar throat) and came on home. We all reconnoitered and did a little show and tell (tio purchased a Goosebumps book for the boy and a Rapunzel book for the girl), tio left to visit the folks, and we settled down to reading, watching Beauty and the Beast (not Supah Ninjas), eating potato chips, some yucky microwave pie and milk (uh apple cider for me) and calling mama and daddy to say goodnight … after which it was jammies, getting out all the blankets (it was a cold night) and switching on the ittybitty light and reading a couple of books….. And that’s why I completely forgot about posting to the blog. I’ll do day two later. Your sitting on the edge of your seat aren’t you? … You’ll just have to wait……


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