A MoonShadow MoonShadow

I saw a man today, a homeless man, at least I assumed he was homeless by his physical condition and demeanor. He was dirty and not just a topical dirt but the dirt that comes from not having washed or changed clothes in weeks. His straw hair was frozen in position and his shoes were more like dirty rags than any kind of useful footwear. He carried at least twenty plastic Safeway bags and as far as I could tell each bag was full of other plastic bags. He moved slowly across the crosswalk. It seemed an effort just to get across the street and he seemed oblivious to the traffic all around him. It made me very sad to think that this was some one’s child. That no cared enough for him to help him. Being a recovering Catholic I said a prayer for him and realized that this could be any of us. That any child could end up like this poor man and that made me eve sadder. And I realized as empathetic as I was, I didn’t stop to offer help. The light changed, and I continued on my route.


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