A MoonShadow MoonShadow

In the ER

With my mom, waiting for a room. We’ve been here since oh 4 this afternoon. It’s 12:59 am at the moment. She is not high up on the critical list (which is good) so we are doing a lot of waiting. So far I’ve listened to a horrific rant from a woman who was strapped onto a gurney and I mean seriously strapped she couldn’t move a muscle and that was a good things cause she was either having a manic episode with paranoid delusions or on some serious drugs. Either way it was not pleasant as she heaped abuse on the paramedics that brought her in and the nurses. Scary part is she seemed like a smart kid. I could pick out some the references she was shouting out about brown eyes and blue eyes and other things but she was seriously nuts. After that I spent time between keeping my mom from leaving the hospital giving advice to an older orderly who is thinking about retiring to south America – Uruguay, definitely Uruguay. Hope we get a room soon. I’m not proofing or spell checking so forgive any weird errors.


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